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Problems And Maintenance Methods Of Automotive Interior Parts

Update:2022-05-27 13:34:56 Friday
Summary:  During the long-term use of our car, due to the failure of some car maintenance or car beauty, various damages will inevitably occur, especially the......

  During the long-term use of our car, due to the failure of some car maintenance or car beauty, various damages will inevitably occur, especially the interior parts. How should we carry out interior maintenance?

  First of all, the common problems of automotive interior parts mainly include: car seat leather being dirty, damaged, and smoke holes. Let's summarize the repair problems of car leather seats. First of all, let's understand that the problem of seat damage is generally constant friction and sweat. Impregnation will cause damage to the leather surface, and the power of sweat on the body is very large. Therefore, the bottom side of the thigh of the car seat is the most easily damaged, and the seat in contact with the lower edge of the thigh is the most severely damaged. It is recommended to carry out leather Regular maintenance to strengthen the protection of the leather surface, such as leather coating can effectively prevent the penetration of sweat and stains.

  Many car interior leather seats are light-colored, which mainly brings a bright and high-quality riding experience, making people feel happy and comfortable. However, if it is not properly maintained, the surface will be discolored and dirty. I believe it is a picture that everyone does not want to see. It is like a layer of black dirt, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. Many car owners often buy some so-called leather maintenance. I went back and cleaned it up, but the effect was very unsatisfactory, mainly because the black dirt had already entered the small gaps on the surface of the leather chair, so using a general cleaning liquid can only remove slight dirt, and it cannot be effectively dealt with for more serious problems. Yes, you must find a professional.

  Today, the editor will share with you what details should be paid attention to when cleaning automotive interior parts.

  Whole car cleaning: It is to thoroughly clean and maintains the instrument control panel, ceiling, rear cylinder platform, seat, floor velvet, inner door panel, etc. in strict accordance with the trilogy of dust removal, cleaning, and maintenance. The whole process is carried out by four staff. The operation takes about two and a half hours.

  Leather protection: Professional car beauty shops are equipped with a complete set of leather care tools, and different tools are used for different parts. Because the excess liquid agent will remain on the leather surface to absorb dust in the air and pollute the interior environment of the car.

  Ceiling: The ceiling is the easiest place to overlook, and once cleaned, there is bound to be a liquid residue dripping onto the seats or carpet. Usually, car owners can use a car vacuum cleaner to remove dust and wait until the car beauty shop does comprehensive interior maintenance before thoroughly cleaning the ceiling.

  Rear tank platform: We usually put tissue boxes, dolls, pillows, and other sundries on the rear tank platform, and tissues and pillows are often used by people sitting in the car, and dust removal is also sloppy. The cleaning method can refer to the instrument panel.

  Seats: Seats are the interior parts that car owners have the most contact with and are most likely to be soiled. Therefore, for the maintenance of the seats, the first is to put a cloth seat cover on the seat cover and prepare another set, which can be replaced and cleaned at any time.

  Floor velvet: When the velvet quilt is dirty, it cannot be moved out of the car, which brings great difficulties to the cleaning work. Therefore, most car owners choose to go to a professional car beauty shop for cleaning and usually place a footpad on the floor velvet. , which is convenient for daily cleaning.

  In the process of maintaining the interior, there are many things that we need to carefully organize, because after all, if we do not maintain it well, then the interior will lose its proper luster in the car.